Dynamic thinking for social good

Direct-Path Consulting offer the services of an expert and professional project management team, utilising in house expertise to find innovative ways of delivering public services.

We have 20 years of business management experience in the public, education and charity sector and want to impart real change to community organisations around the UK.

Our mission is to build resilience in our organisations, ensuring greater reach, impact and long term sustainability alongside raising the standard in community engagement and public service delivery.

We are passionate about:

  • Working in a collaborative partnership

  • Establishing engaged and active communities

  • Trusted relationships based on shared values and understanding

  • Taking an innovative approach to all we do

Our specialties include:

  • Public sector engagement, public sector research and consulting

  • Private sector engagement, private sector research and consulting

  • Voluntary sector engagement, voluntary sector research and consulting

  • Third sector engagement, third sector research and consulting

  • SME engagement, research and consulting

  • Organisational capacity and effectiveness, strategic and operational planning

  • Social enterprises

  • Social impact reporting

  • Scaling and replication

  • Mentoring and training

"Our style is deeply collaborative, with our best work resulting from embracing diverse points of view, internally and externally. This approach helps us find innovative answers to our clients’ questions, and to create deep, lasting relationships with clients and colleagues alike"

- Ameena Ahmed (Company Owner)


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